. Lelutka (new) mesh heads review

Karin Mesh Head

Couple days ago, I was wondering how Lelutka hasn’t been releasing hairs in a while, and the answer came to me yesterday as I figured out they were releasing 3 more mesh heads – Karin, Lotte and Stella.
Not even a month ago they had released their first three mesh heads, and you can read my review right here, it shows the HUD, thoughts etc.

Glam Affair made the base appliers for these mesh heads, which are made for the Lara body from Maitreya. When you purchase the head with comes with a few makeup options, and then you can purchase appliers separately. Glam Affair released 21 makeups and lipsticks with the previous heads and these work perfectly with the new heads as well. ( see the makeups here, here and here)

Lotte & Stella

Personal opinion on the new mesh heads:

. These three new heads are very nicely made, and I am in absolute love with Stella (very doll like which is surprising that I love her so much). And having now six amazing heads to choose from is great!

. From my experience the heads don’t run as great on low settings. They are amazing photographic tools, but I don’t have the kind of computer that I can run on ultra all the time to show these mesh heads on their truest beauty.

. On that note wearing a mesh head for a SL pics can save a lot of post editing work.

. I am looking forward to see more skin makers making appliers for these heads, especially my two favourite skin makers Belleza and Fashionably Dead. Also would be curious to see appliers from the skinnery, as their skins have a different look and would probably take these heads to a whole other level. (the list of designers who have or are making appliers for the heads can be found here)

These heads will be released in the 30th! So stay tuned. <33


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