photography tools {tutorial}

. photography tools post

Has been a while since I started blogging, and along the way I’ve picked and learnt some cool tips from all over the grid. Some things I figured on my own other’s were kindly told by other SLers, so I willing to do the same



This is one of the HUDs I use the most! I love the eye options, you can look to either side, up and down and of course look at the tip of your nose! This HUD also includes facial expressions, you can actually select more than one at the time… try them all at once and the results can be amusing.  Best of all this amazing tool is completely FREE!



Animare is still kinda new to me, but I really like it! Remember having to photoshop that extra thumb that got stuck in your belly? Well Animare will make you forget about that. This great tool allows you the change the position of your avatar joints by selecting them individually… I usually mess around with the settings until I am pleased, if you’re not happy with the position and want to start over just click ‘reset joint’. Animare cost: 299L


(I will be adding more stuff later)


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