#Tutorial – Fix alpha Glitches on Photoshop

Sometimes does’t matter how we tweak our SL body and so on that on some parts the angle might show the alpha.. and this leaves to do a bit of photoshop editing. I’ve painted a lot of times to get it cover, but let’s face it not everyone has the times, patience or skills for that… so I found something easy that I willing to share.

1- after you target the area to fix, make a copy of your layer. On the copy select the smudge tool.

smudge tool, 100 strength, 10 hardness

2- with the smudge tool push the skin tone along. Try going on the same angle as the alpha ‘gap’. My alpha goes in a slight downward angle so I copied that. Don’t worry about doing a clean job. This doesn’t looks right now but the next step will fix it. Make sure that you still have two layers, and that the one on the top was the one where you did the smudge tool.

3- on the layer where you did the smudge lower the opacity to a point where you can see the smudge but also where the clothing is.

4- Now I’ve seen where I have to erase in order to have the alpha fixed. So you can either do the eraser tool, pen tool or lasso tool to erase the bits you don’t need.

5- bring your opacity to normal ( 100%) and merge both layers.Now your alphas are flawless!

How about you? Do you have a easier way to fix this? Or are there any tutorials you would like to see?

Drop your suggestions/questions in the comments and I will get to you! <33




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