#to credit or not to credit


Yesterday, I was browsing around flickr and saw an image upload by Eve Kazan telling a situation that has happened to her. I’ve been following Eve’s blog/stream for some years now and she’s one of my ultimate favourite bloggers.
Eve made a post, with three pictures, and as usual she did 4 little squares on the corner of one pic with little details from the scene. A designer of one of the items has contacted her about the fact that she didn’t credit their items, and the logo of a ”rival” brand was put on those detail squares, asking Eve to credit the items or remove the photos. These items have been purchased by the blogger with her own money, therefore it should be her decision if she wants to give publicity to the said brand or not. At least this is the way that I think, as a blogger I always credit the items that have been given to me by creators, but if I had bought them it is up to me to do so or not.
Eve got a DMCA, and the images have been taken down from her original blog post (which was published about a year ago). As a blogger seeing things like this concern me a lot, blogging in SL is a little escape from my crazy RL and last thing I would ever want to deal with would be something of this sort… Even more so that I spend my RL time doing my pictures, editing and writing the blog posts, using as well resources that I’ve paid for myself.

Now how does this work when someone makes an ad, to sell their product, with their logo but is wearing a necklace from other brand? Should all the pose makers that I forget to *credit* come after me? (Sorry Del May and Marukin I love your work but always forget which pose I’ve used… which is very likely to be from one of you)

As a blogger what would you do if this happened to you?

PICTURE CREDITS: Me and my friend Toki, I’ve taken this long time ago
SHIRT> Rebel Gal
PANTS> Emery


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