New/updated Belleza Mesh Bodies

I was very excited when I heard the news about Belleza updating their Venus body, and then also heard two other different bodies were coming… good news is, if you have initially bought Venus but feel more inclined to Isis or Freya the new update for your Venus will include these two new bodies too!

NSFW images after the break.

Belleza Mesh Bodies- Front comparison

Front and back views- Venus is still my favourite. I might wear Isis, Freya is a bit much for my personal AV but I find it is a tasteful taste on curvier mesh shapes (Thank you Belleza!)

The new alpha system is way more detailed and with more options, there’s saving sloths for your alphas, and also neck size options!

Skin colour picker wasn’t available on the previous version which made it hard to wear skins that didn’t have appliers for Belleza.

New Breast ”type” -perky. Nipple mesh on and off option included as well.

This body also includes a new nail option: pointy.


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