. whimsy bones


EYEMAKEUP> (NO) Tattoo Makeup – Stardust Eyes
SKIRT> (NO) Inner Ballerina TuTu Prim Skirt – White
BRA> *BOOM* Atlantean Shells @C88
HAIR> little bones. Lemonade @Hair Fair 






MAKEUP> (NO) Tattoo Makeup – Gold Leaf Eyes
HEADPIECE> *LODE* Head Accessory – Magone Crown [violet]
DRESS> -Pixicat- Sheer.Dress 
HAIR> little bones. Mermaid Motel @HAIR FAIR 


BRA> *BOOM* Atlantean Shells (salt) @C88
HEADPIECE> *LODE* Head Accessory – Hortensia Branch [white] RARE
HAIR> little bones. Potion @HAIR FAIR 

EYESHADOW> (NO) Mermaid Makeup Eyeshadow – Treasure Chest @C88
BRA> Baiastice_Mermaid Jewel Bra-Pearl @C88
HAIR> little bones. Wasp @HAIR FAIR 


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