#How to take HQ pics in SL 2.0


I don’t think I am the best at this no photoshop pics thing, in fact I love to play around in PS with the shots I take in SL, but I believe that when we take a good shot in SL it can make our editing life way easier!
I did a tutorial many years ago on how to take HQ pics in SL, but things have changed and many things make it even easier now for us to snap that perfect pic. This tutorial is going to mainly focus on Firestorm (the viewer I use), I will explain some things I like on the phototools menu and what not. Let’s start.

On Firestorm go to Avatar-> Preferences. On the preferences window select Graphics. Let’s take a look at my Graphics settings.

1 – Quality and Speed Performance
Most of the times I run in SL with Low settings, using the Analu AvatarOpt2 Whiter Windlight (comes as preset with Firestorm viewer), and that’s all I really need, but when taking my snaps I tend to put it on Ultra, even more so if I want to use shadows.

2- Shadows – Sun, Moon + Projectors
I enjoy using projectors as light source, so I allow them to affect my shadows, if you don’t like how projectors look with your shadows select another option.

3- Water Reflections -Everything
If I am not taking a water pic I tend to deselect this option.

4- Draw distance
The higher the distance the slower the viewer will run. If you are taking a indoor pic or on a studio, lower this setting so your viewer runs better.

5- Particle count – I always reduce this setting, because I don’t use it.

6- Impostor AV- if only taking a pic of yourself reduce this number to 1.

7-Objects and Sculpts LOD – I always have this setting high so my mesh looks better.

8- Avatars- Sets the renderring quality of your (or others) AV.

Select Ctrl+Alt+D for Advanced menu, on the Advanced menu check high-res snapshot and quiet snapshot.


Phototools – Firestorm.
To open phototools go to World-> Photo and Video -> Phototools.

On the Gen tab you can put higher values for the settings we worked on the preferences menu, check the Anti-Aliasing, it helps with how sharp and smooth or your objects are, I find 4X a good setting, but see what your machine can handle.
I also put my texture bumpiness on Rougher.

Light tab helps you set your lights and shadows. Someone told me once that SL is much more likely to crash when your shadow resolution number is above 1, so I keep mine around .96. To make your shadows more or less visible play around with Shad Clarity, and this will still give you sharp shadows without having to crash.

A good Windlight saves the world!
I’ve made my own windlights available here! On the windlight settings play around with -Est Ang- to find how much shadow or at what position you want your shadows to to be.

Hope you guys find this useful. ❤


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