Lelutka Mesh head – Simone


Hey guys! Tomorrow (December 22nd) Lelutka is releasing a special edition mesh head- Simone.

First of all I love this mesh head name and I wish now that was my AVs name. This mesh head comes with a new and improved 1.4HUD, which includes some new options such as new facial expressions and faster rezzing time for the mesh.

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-SIMONE v1.4

Compared to 1.3 the 1.4 has a faster script time to change between features, decrease of the mesh impact, a blend mask mode for the eyelashes.
There is also a new eye type – Sultry/bored (which I LOVE) and the facial expressions closed mouth smile, half smile and lip bite have been replaced by  with kiss, sneer, lick.
The package also includes new gestures to animate the heads, such as :
Kiss :*
Lick :p
Sad 😦
Smile 🙂 or 😀
Sneer :s
Suprised/Mad :O

This Mesh head will also work with other appliers (I tried my skinnery right away), Glam Affair will be releasing an applier for this mesh head tomorrow as well.


Cons: I love the head but also loved the lip bite quite a lot, so would be lovely to have the old facial expressions on a 1.5… maybe? :*


I will be making a post with a full body shot with my outfit details so stay tuned. ❤



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