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The other day I was thinking about how long I’ve been blogging in SL… I think I started in 2010 or 2009 even. That’s at least 6 years! Took me a while to learn a lot of things I know today so I decided to share them with you!

#1 – Compare yourself to someone
That someone is YOU when you started out! We all start from somewhere and we often try to compare ourselves to someone else and we forget to look back and see where we started and how long we have come along! This works with many aspects of life, always look back to where you started and where you are at now, in most cases people have experienced a big personal growth!

Yup! Me 6 years ago! Still love wearing black!
I want my pups

#2- Not good? Go home!
Not having a good day?Not feeling like blogging? You don’t have to! Roll around on the sofa with your pups, watch Netflix or anything else you feel like instead. Unless blogging is your fulltime job, you should just do it when you feel in the mood for it. Creating outfits, taking pics and editing is a creative task if your mind is not in the mood for it don’t force it. Do something else instead, eating ice cream or cake are great alternatives. mmmmmhm… ice cream. Remember, you are the boss here and you can take a day off anytime you want.

#3- 1 like = good job
Every Time someone likes your post or photo that means that someone successfully clicked a button when your pic showed up somewhere! Likes can be hard, because if you have an older computer sometimes the button gets stuck and you have to do some pressing thing in order to have a like delivered.
In all seriousness, humans like an applause when they create or perform but remember that not all great performances have a guy there applauding or pressing a like button! How many times have you walked by a street performer ,who gives you shivers with their great sound, but their hat is empty and no one is there clapping when they finish their song? I am sure they will still get up the next day and do it again because there is passion! Don’t let that stop from loving what you do!
Also remember that sometimes people might just click and admire your work, follow your blog link to know what you were wearing and in the process they forget to press that button… I do that… a LOT!

#4 – The more ‘sponsors’ you have the better… 
The more ‘sponsors’ you have the better… you will be at driving yourself F*cking nuts!
With the raise of events in SL creators are making way more items at a faster pace, this also means that if you blog for a lot of people there will be lots of items and lots of blog requirements to meet.
I am awful at math but let’s do some. Doesn’t sound hard to be blogging for at least 20 creators, now imagine if they are making an average of two items per week, you will be receiving around 40 items a week, a month has around 4 weeks so in a month 160 items will be arriving to you… plus had there some events… and soon enough you have 300 items and your inventory is as much as a mess as my RL closet, packed in way that you feel like you never have anything to wear.
I made the decision that would be blogging for a limited amount of events/creators and only blog for those I knew that even if I wasn’t blogging for them I would still buy their stuff and blog it all! If you are working with something you love you are more likely to enjoy it and be happy doing it.
Also, by blogging for less creators you will be able to meet the requirements without stressing yourself. I also happily buy things, if I don’t blog it that’s my problem, I purchased the item so can do whatever I feel like. Smooth ,no pressure!

Being beyond serious with this one! The most important thing is doing things how you want and the way it feels right for you! Match stripes and polka dots… red with purple! Second Life has the greatness of being a good place to express yourself with freedom.

Disclaimer, this post has some serious and some sarcastic points… it is not meant to tell anyone how they SHOULD blog and do their thing, but yes to show support and remind us all that we are humans, things in RL happen and we often need to focus on that one because there’s no offline button.

Love, Stef ❤


One thought on “#how to successfully blog

  1. I really agree with everything said here because it is kinda a mantra for me since I started blogging… I honestly don’t understand how people can be inspired to make outfit/posts everyday because sometimes I am not motivated to even dress myself in a RL – so, mostly, whatever people do, should be fun! Thanks for writing this, it really sums up everything.

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