Lelutka Simone Bento head – Yay or Nay?


– If you’re here to see what I am wearing jump to the end of the post-

Lelutka is joining the bento head train and they are soon to introduce the Bento version of Simone. I personally had mad love for the first release of Simone as soon as I tried it and I am so excited to play around with a Bento version of it.
What is Bento? In simple Steffy terms, bento is a project that has allowed to introduce muscles to the avatar face, therefore you are able to use your appearance sliders to change the way the head looks. (eyes, nose, lips, ears, chin can all be changed around now!). This adds a whole new look to mesh heads and for those who stayed away from mesh heads with fear of looking like everyone else (I was one of them) this now allows to be more like you.

For those who have purchased the previous version of Simone you will be able to receive a 2500L rebate when you purchase your new bento head. To make sure you receive your rebate; wear your non-bento Simone head while purchasing the new bento head, you will pay 5000L and then you will be refunded 2500L right after. 


Here’s a list of some exciting new features of the new Simone Bento Mesh Head:
– Gestures – Voice controlled & Keyboard controlled for talking animations
– Tattoo and brow makeup layers!
– Teeth – rigged teeth for natural look when opening and closing mouth.
– Pose button for appearance editing
– Animations – Mood Selections – 2 included (happy, neutral)
Expressions – 24 included (positive,negative,other) looped and unlooped
*Talk Animation (to allow mouth to animate when typing) – on/off option
*Parted Lips – on/off option
*Blink – on/off option
*Eyelids control – 6 eyelid settings (neutral, wide, relaxed, sleepy, suspicious, closed)
-Eye targeting system – controls movement of eyes (system or mesh) mirror and linked options.
-Omega Compatibility!
-Personalize Tab – Using full perms textures you can create unique looks by applying your own skins, makeups, tattoos, hairbases as well as specular and normals maps.

Simone 2.0 Bento is yet to be released. According to Lelutka is all goes to plan it will be available to the public sometime next week. 
Follow their blog for updates: http://lelutka.com/blog/

verdict: this product is a total yay



HAIR> Moon. Hair. // The Caterpillar LuxeBox December
MESH HEAD> .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.0 – coming soon
APPLIER> Bold & Beauty :: Sasha (Lelutka Applier)
COLLARS> (Yummy) Punk Collar – Gold and Black 1
DRESS> Stories&Co. Selene Dress – Latex – LuxeBox December



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