. Six kinds of glue


HAIR+HAT> . Liquence . – F7 in Natural Fades
COAT> Emery Andy Over Shoulders Coat Latte
SHOES> phedora. Andromeda Boots @Collabor88
COLLAR> Stockholm&Lima: Double O-Ring Collar -@The Fantasy Collective
TOP> Stories&Co. by Flowey / Ami Crop Top
SHORTS> TheMessiah : Baruch Berms / @Kustom9

HAIR> +elua+ Roanna@Collabor88
ROMPER> -Pixicat- Carefree.Playsuits @Collabor88
MESH HEAD> Genesis_Head_Bianca@Kustom9
SHOES> phedora. Andromeda Boots @Collabor88
COAT> PLASTIX – Cropped Fur Jacket
COLLAR> Stockholm&Lima: Double O-Ring Collar -@The Fantasy Collective

. Life is But a Dream


CHOKER> (Yummy) Layered Chain Choker@Collabor88
BIKINI> .:Mai Bilavio:. Kim SwimSuit in Colablt @Kustom9
EARRING> LaGyo_Halsey Sphere Earrings @Collabor88
HAIR> little bones. Freyja
NECKLACE> MG – Necklace – Coachella Gypsy @Collabor88

Soy. Patio Metal Double Chair @Collabor88
Ariskea [Wild] Boho Pillow [Purple] @Collabor88
Soy. Patio Parasol [Indian Cotton – Pink] @Collabor88
Soy. Potted Cactus Opuntia
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm

. trophy love

. trophy love
CHOKER> -David Heather-Foelo Gold Choker@UBER
GLOVES> 31. Blueberry / Common / – Gloves
DRESS>:V.e. Built For Speed Dress @ MBA Fair
SHOES> JD – Cara Socks Leather
CIGAR> LaGyo_Mahalia cigarette
HAIR>  little bones. Sita II
HARNESS> STOCKHOLM & LIMA  Equestria Harness @Ultra

. twenty little tragedies begin


SCARF> *katat0nik* Bandana Scarf@Collabor88
GLOVES> 31. Blueberry / Common / – Gloves (Satin)
HAIR> Clawtooth: Girlfriend in a Coma @Collabor88
SKIRT> Emery Romanoff Denim Skirt Blue @Collabor88
TANK> erratic / jessica – loose tank / white
SHOES> REIGN.– Fishnet Pumps

BIKE+BACKDROP> RO – Junkyard Dogs


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