. la luz


skin: [the Skinnery] Monica (LeLutkaEVO) sorbet   @Collabor88
hat: -David Heather-Audran Brim Hat/Nude
dress: -Pixicat- Beatrice Dress  @Collabor88
earrings: LaGyo_Amal Helix Earring  @Collabor88
head: LeLUTKA.Head.Fleur.2.5
hair: tram J1227 hair  @Collabor88


Jack Spoon @ Harajuku (Dec.2020)

A new round of Harajuku started on the 20th, for those who haven’t spotted my items at the event or on my flickr here’s a breakdown of what you can find there. ❤

The Severa eyeshadow pack is one of the favourite eyeshadow sets I have made!It just suits pretty much any look and mood. I have made two pack for the event, one with bright colours and one with neutral tones.
These are BOM and omega ready, best fit on Lelutka Evolution but will also fit other heads. As usual test the demo to assure it fits your liking.
My first set of lashes!! these are for Lelutka Evolution only and they are the perfect Holiday lash. The glitters can be tinted on the Lel Evo HUD!
I wanted some shorter lashes that could almost feel just like natural lashes with a bit of mascara, it let’s the glitter have a show! These lashes are perfect to pair with eyeshadows that are very detailed and that often get ‘hidden’ by bigger statement lashes. ❤
My very first set of brows!! These are HD brows only for lel EVO. There are two packs, one with natural colours and another one with funky shades. There’s a bare and also a glitter option of these brows. There’s also an option to apply the glitter solo in case you want to pair it with your fave set of BOM brows.



.Libra and Leo arriving late at a party like: 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

eyeshadow: Jack Spoon // Severa Eyeshadow (neutral5) @harajuku
blush: Jack Spoon – splattered blush
brows: Jack Spoon/ / Gloria Brows (LEL EVO HD) @harajuku

mug: (Luc.) Mexican Hot Chocolate   @Collabor88
hat: -David Heather-Audran Brim Hat/Nude
necklace: Aurealis. Unproblematic Chain.
hair: DOUX – Sixty Nine Hairstyle
shawl: Foxes – Faux Fur shawl – Fade 3
belt: ISON – chain belt
head: LeLUTKA.Head.Lake.2.5
sweater: OSMIA – Maya.Sweater   @Collabor88
pants: Rowne x FAENZO.Taja Trouser   @Collabor88