. butterflies


CHOKER> (Yummy) Crochet Choker – White / Gold
TOP> *COCO*_LongSleeveLaceTop(White)
MESH HEAD>   .LeLutka.Head.Korina 3.3
BOOTS> Blueberry – Bree – Laced Up Boots
EARRINGS> LaGyo_Purity Earrings Long @COLLABOR88
NECKLACE> LaGyo_Purity Necklace @COLLABOR88
HAIR> tram I0326 hair @COLLABOR88

CHOKER> #EMPIRE – Diamond Choker
MESH HEAD>  .LeLutka.Head.Korina 3.3
SHORTS> Caboodle – Kali Shorts @COLLABOR88
HAIR> Exile:: Let Me Down @COLLABOR88
GLASSES> MIRROR – Drama Glasses
BOLERO> UC_Kitty_Bolero


. festive


CORSET> (NO) Lace Corset  @COLLABOR88
CROWN> *LODE* Head Accessory – Royalty Wreath [lace]
JACKET> -Pixicat- Biker.Jacket @COLLABOR88
MESH HEAD>  .LeLutka.Head.Korina 3.3
NECKLACE> ISON – jeana necklace
SKIRT> Jeune by Rowne.Nicole Maxi Skirt @COLLABOR88
HAIR> LB. Infinite

DECOR>+Half-Deer+ Windblown Ribbons @COLLABOR88


Does this thing bring joy?

// edit//

I have not written something for SL blog in a long time… in fact, do people still stop by here or is flickr the only place people get their outfit inspiration?
A while back, I watched the Marie Kondo show on Netflix, and talking with objects aside, this show really made me realize how a less cluttered life brings peace. I immediately thought about my SL inventory, the inventory of a SL blogger is something that probably not even Marie Kondo would want to tackle. I have always been picky about which events and brands I was officially blogging for (I didn’t want the pressure of a million deadlines and a million boxes waiting to be unboxed) and as well the things I would buy with my own money.
I think having an inventory with a bit over 50K items after being a blogger for 9 years is not a bad thing, but one thing that I seem to never have self-control over are gachas. Once again I am selective about the machines I end up playing, but when I am set on getting an item not a lot stops me… and then I get that item (often times a rare) and I am overwhelmed by all the things I have to unbox, and organize and try on.So all those no copy items stay on my object folder for days, eventually I remember of unboxing something, but the item that once was so exciting to play for becomes old news. Did I also say that I am the worst when it comes to demoing things before buying? So a lot of times I get fooled into those 3D rendered ads… just like I used to get fooled by handsome bearded men.

As consumers we end up having a voice when we put our money into something and I have come to realize that I have pretty much been saying that I am okay with gambling into buying 40 pairs of panties to get a rare dress, and I don’t even need 40 new pairs of panties since I tend to wear always the same pair (nasty, but let’s keep in mind this is SL!). SL market has been saturated (just like RL markets), and I have told myself to pull a Marie Kondo while I wear a DEMO and ask myself if the item ‘brings me joy‘… and if it doesn’t also come with 40 pairs of panties I don’t need.
I have told myself to look at a gacha machine the way I look at an eyeshadow pallete, an eyeshadow pallete has many colours and I ask myself how many colours I enjoy, if I am only wanting it because I am drawn to one colour, it isn’t worth it, if I am enjoying more than 50% of the options it’s a green light to dive in.

Are you a smart consumer in SL? And if yes what are some of the rules you follow?