#TUTORIAL – Vintage FX

#TUTORIAL - Vintage FX

I haven’t done a tutorial in quite a while and decided to see if I could share something today. I haven’t gotten the DOF thing in SL and I am sure I am not the only one and a some of you might not even be able to run it on your PCs. So I am making a tutorial on soft images and blury backgrounds, with a slight retro feel to it.

Raw shot from SL

1. Open your SL image and crop it to the desired size (I am doing 2500×2000 px)

2. Duplicate layer and Go to Filter – Blur – Motion Blur

My Motion Blur settings. you can play around with angle and distance if you want to achieve different effects

3. create an alpha mask on the layer where you applied the Motion Blur

 + Alt

4. select alpha mask and then the brush tool , with colour white , opacity around 30 , and hardness on 0, I used 900px size brush.

5. brush on the corners almost on a vignette effect.

your alpha should look something like this. you can also brush on the hair, hands feet if you want a in motion feel to your picture.

your picture should now look something like this

6. create a new transparent layer.

7. press alt and find on your picture one of the lightest colours (you can also do white but if you want to be in the same colour scheme this works best)

8. Select your brush , 600 px, 30 opacity, and 0 hardness and on the middle of the image draw some circles-clouds.

dont worry if any of the brush catches your main focus of the image, you can always go over it with the eraser.. also if you find the effect is too strong you can lower the opacity

9. finish you image as desired. 😉


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